How to get to Dhamma Sacca

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Dhamma Sacca is located on road CL-501, Km. 85.6 - 05480 - Candeleda, Ávila


1. Arrival and Departure Information

2. Travelling to Dhamma Sacca from inside Spain

2.1 By car

2.2 By coach or train

2.3 Direct bus from Madrid

2.4 By taxi

3. Travelling to Dhamma Sacca from outside Spain

3.1 By plane

3.2 By car

3.3 By coach or train

4. Return journey

5. Contact

Arrival and Departure Information

All students should arrive at the centre between 14:00 and 17:00 on the day the course starts. Once registration of the students is complete, a light meal will be served and an orientation talk will be given before the start of the course. The course will end at approximately 07:30 on the morning of the last day of the course. Both new and old students must remain at the centre until the end of the course. Part-time old students are not allowed to leave the centre on the day of Metta, the tenth day must be completed, except in case of emergency or by previous agreement with the assistant teachers.

All routes to the centre pass through Candeleda, the nearest town, which is 3.8 km from the centre. The distances to the centre from different places are the following: from Arenas de San Pedro (44.3 km), from Ávila (106 km), from Madrid (167 km) and from Lisbon (547 km). The Vipassana Committee can organize transportation from Candeleda to the centre on the day each course starts and ends. It is also possible to take a bus or taxi, or to walk from Candeleda (see details below).

Travelling to Dhamma Sacca from within Spain

By car

  1. Routes from Madrid: by way of the CL-501 motorway, 2 hrs 5 min without traffic, continue on the M-40, M-501 to Calle José Zorilla Candeleda. Route by way of the A-5 (this route has tolls), take the A-42, continue on the R-5 and A-5 to CM-5150 in Castilla-La Mancha. Get off at exit 148 from the A-5. Continue on CM-5150 and AV-910 to Calle Barranca in Candeleda.

  2. From Ávila: by way of the N-502, take the N-403, continue on the N-502 to carr. de las Cuevas del Águila/AV-P 708, take the CL-501 and the AV-910 to Calle Barranca in Candeleda. Other options are the N-403 and CL-501 or the AV-110 and N-502.

  3. From Barcelona: by way of the A-2 motorway, take the B-10 of Via Laietana, Passeig de Colom and Passeig de Josep Carner, take the A-2, A-22, A-23, E-90/A-2 and A-5 to the CM-5150 in Castilla-La Mancha. Get off at exit 148 of the A-5 and continue on the CM-5150 and AV-910 to the Calle Barranca in Candeleda.

  4. From Lisbon (Portugal): follow the A2 highway, then take the A6 and the A-5 via N-V road to Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Take exit number 148 from A-5 road. In this route there are tolls and borders. If you are using a GPS or a SatNav, the best code to get close to the Centre is: Latitude: 40.1703728 y Longitude: -5.2865887

    The Centre has enough parking space. 

By coach or train

  1. There is regular bus service to Candeleda. Buses from Madrid leave frequently, although from Ávila bus service is not very frequent. There are trains from Madrid to Avila and other places, but no trains arrive in Candeleda. The only public transportation service from Madrid to Candeleda is by bus.

  2. In Madrid, buses to Candeleda leave from the Estación Sur. In practical terms, travelling to Candeleda by public transportation is easiest from Madrid.

  3. Information about buses, trains and other connections to reach Candeleda, Ávila or Arenas de San Pedro, the nearest towns to the Center, will be available in the site Local Buses above.


Direct bus from Madrid only for courses

For the starting and ending days of the 10-day courses, there is a direct bus from Madrid to the Dhamma Sacca Center. The bus leaves on the starting day of courses at 14:00h from Atocha; the return bus will leave on the finishing day of the course, at 09:20h. The journey lasts around 2 hours. There are only return tickets available at 22€ (non refundable). To buy a ticket, please go to this link and select the dates of your course. After payment you will receive an email with the ticket; please check the Spam folder.

Direct bus Madrid - Dhamma Sacca

By taxi

Short and long distance taxi service exists to reach Dhamma Sacca. For the moment, the Center hasn’t made any agreements with taxi companies to offer special rates. See links for taxis.

Travelling to Dhamma Sacca from outside Spain

By plane

Madrid Barajas is the closest and most appropriate airport to get to Dhamma Sacca. Low-cost airline service exists to the airport. Other airports are further away and involve greater cost to reach the Center. There is regular local train, metro and bus service from the Madrid Barajas airport to the center of the city of Madrid.

Other airports in Spain

By car

  1. From Lisbon (Portugal), take the A2, then the A6 and A-5 to N-Va in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Get off at exit 148 of the A-5 motorway. There are tolls and national borders on this route.

  2. If you are using a GPS or a SatNav, the best code to use to arrive near the center is: Latitude: 40.1703728, and Longitude: -5.2865887 The Center has sufficient space for parking.

By coach or train

Alsa, Lisbon-Madrid bus

  1. In Lisbon, two bus stations offer international service; the bus company Alsa provides bus service to Spain. See the links for times and prices:

    Bus station Sete Rios

    Bus station Oriente

Long distance train - Trenhotel Lusitania

  1. The Trenhotel Lusitania, which connects the capital of Spain with Lisbon, is one of Renfe’s nocturnal long-distance train services, which allows the traveller to journey between two cities by night in a comfortable way and thus make the most of the day.

Return trip

It is sometimes possible to share a ride by car with other students. For more information, lists with offers and requests for shared rides will be available for students to fill out at the end of the course.

There is regular public transportation from Monday to Friday. Service on Saturdays and Sundays is infrequent and not regular, primarily to the towns nearest the Center.

Check beforehand the timetable for public transportation on weekends and public holidays.


The telephone number for contacting Dhamma Sacca is: +34 608 239 763
If you have any doubts about how to get to Dhamma Sacca, please send an e-mail to: